Entrepreneur’s breakfast

Christ Central Soweto hosted an Entrepreneurs breakfast on the 7th July 2018 for the community around Klipspruit, Soweto. The aim of the event was to equip and inspire small businesses, start-up businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Guest speaker Dr. Jerry Gule (Founder of Gule Executive Coaching (Pty)Ltd 2006 and Interim Chief Executive officer at The Institute of People Management) shed some light on characteristics of an entrepreneur, gave a few tips on entrepreneurship, as well as share some useful contact details regarding funding.

Essential characteristics of an entrepreneur by Dr Jerry Gule

1. A Willingness to fail, even as a team – because Failure is guaranteed.
2. Pursuit of education – Ask questions about your industry (what, how)
3. Confidence/faith in the goal – Vision, goal (problem to solve)
4. A Right dose of rebellion – Rule breakers
5. Self-motivation –“Self-starter, hustler. Other People cannot push you to greatness”
6. Dedication to succeeding – Want to win/overcome the obstacle or challenge
7. Know your limitations – Know what you can or cannot do. Listen to team around you to help you.

Tips for Entrepreneurs by Dr Jerry Gule

1. It is important to have a balanced life holistically
2. Have a business idea and business plan
3. Prepare for financial challenges
4. Have a spend pattern (Frugality) – Business/Personal money
5. Have a mentor/coach who is your thinking partner
6. Have marketing efforts/plan
7. Have a maintenance plan
8. Your team is a support structure

Here are some useful Contacts for Entrepreneurs related to funding

1. Brian – Vuleka
072 145 9169

2. Dov Girnun- Merchant Capital
011 217 2880/ 082 414 7109

3. Sifiso Ndwandwe – Catalyst Growth

4. Simodisa
011 037 4536

The following details are of businesses located around Klipspruit, Soweto who attended the event:

Buhle Communications
• Production
• Marketing
• Talent Management
• Events Management
Contact person:
Buhle Mbhele – 073 969 1492

Rumour Has It Hair & Beauty Saloon
1417 Dlubhu Street
Zone 1
Contact person:
Nhlanhla Twala – 072 890 9607

Baggio Power Strength & Wellness
Teams of Earobics, cardio exercise and toning
1422 Mtangai Drive
Zone 1
Contact details:
084 865 4545
FB: Baggio power strength & wellness

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