Ephesians 6vs18-24

Join us for our final talk in our series in the book of Ephesians, looking at Ephesians 6vs19-24 (15 November 2020)

Ephesians 6vs5-9

Join us for our 10am Sunday service on the 1st of November 2020 where we looked at Ephesians 6vs-5-9

Ephesians 5vs21-6:4

Join us as we fellowshipped on the 25th of October, looking at Ephesians 5vs21-6vs4

Ephesians 5vs15-20

Join us for our 18 October 2020 10am service, as we look at Ephesians 5vs15-20

Ephesians 4vs1-16

Join us for Christ Central Soweto 10am Sunday service, looking at Ephesians 4vs1-16