Amos 9

Though judgement is inescapable because of the justice of God its purpose is to filter and to
restore because of God’s mercy.

Book of Amos 7

Do not oppose or seek to silence the Word of the Lord but cry out to him in mercy, he may yet relent his anger.

Book of Amos 5

The Lord laments for his people who have turned to the destruction of idols and injustice. Seek God and His goodness and you will live.

Book of Amos 3

Hear the Word of the Lord that brings punishment but also rescue.

Book of Amos 2

In His holiness it is impossible for God to overlook sin, therefore there will be no escape for sinners from the wrath of God. God’s warnings give us the opportunity to repent and seek the grace of forgiveness from God.

Book of Amos

The sovereign Lord roars from Zion against the rebellion and the inhumanity of the nations, and God’s people are no different.