God & The Future 2

Millennium: The What & The When

Christians should be ready for and place their hope on the physical return of Christ for that time will be marked by persecution, gospel preaching, death but ultimately Christ wins.

Talk 4 – Danger Of Complacency or Compromise

5. Revelation 3: 1-6 ( Sardis) as you work for the Lord be careful of complacency ( being dead when you should be alive)
6. Revelation 3: 7-13 ( Philadelphia) though you are powerless I have opened a door that no one can close
7. Revelation 3:14-22 ( Loadicea) be careful of the self sufficient attitude of wealth that can create complacency in the things of God.         (being neither hot nor cold)

Talk 3 – Letting Idols Linger In Your Midst

3. Revelation 2:12-17 ( Pergamum) as you fight( endure) the devil in his throne, do not let the worship/teaching of idols creep into the church
4. Revelation 2:18-29 ( Thyatira) as you serve and remain do not be deceived by sexual immorality

Talk 2 – The Danger of Distraction

1. Revelation 2:1-7 ( Ephesus) as you work for the Lord and fight evil do not lose sight of your first love

2. Revelation 2:8-11 (Smyrna) as you endure hardship and affliction do not be afraid but be faithful